TCM Food Therapy Training

guide you to say goodbye to medicine,chronic&serious diseases

Anna Na


TCM nutrition and FoodTherapy Teacher

Anna Na is a registered Food Therapist, Traditional Chinese Medicine(TCM) specialist. After healing through TCM from serious health problems developed while a busy IT professional, Anna began her pursuit of knowledge TCM, especially Food Therapy,(or Chinese dietary therapy, TCM nutrition).


In TCM, food and herbal medicine are from the same origin. There is a principle in ancient Chinese medicine. That is , applying food first when treating a patient; medicine is used only after food cannot cure. This means that we may avoid medicine, chronic or serious diseases by using whole foods and some natural herbs at the early stage of illnesses. The condition is that you have to know TCM theory and philosophy first. Based on this, Anna developed TCM based Food Therapy Training Program(Both English and Chinese version). The purpose of the program is to help people to say goodbye to medicine, serious or chronic diseases. This program is practical and becomes one of the popular health related training programs in Shanghai. The learners are from the USA, Germany, Australia, and France, etc.

Anna advocates natural healthy lifestyle. Her newsletter counts top professionals such as Dr. Thomas McGuire, professor of health economics at Harvard Medical School and her work has been featured on NPR.

Dr.Song Tao

Acupuncture Teacher

Dr. Song studied TCM acupuncture in Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine (SUTCM). Now he is one of the specialists selected by SUTCM.

Dr. Song is one of the few acupuncturists who know how to use Zi Wu Li Zhu(子午流注meridian organ clock) and FeiTeng Ba Fa(飞腾八法derived from LingGui Ba Fa). These are very important skills that top level acupuncturists should grasp.

Dr. Song is also one of the best experts who understand and explain Huang Di Nei Jing* clearly. In fact I think he is the best in China. That’s one of the reason that SUTCM selected him as an expert in this area. So you don't need to worry about the difficult TCM theory when learning from him.


*Hung Di Nei Jing-Yellow Emperor’s Inner Canon), is the earliest and most important written work of Traditional Chinese Medicine. It’s the base of all TCM theory.

Dr.Zhou Lili

Guasha/cupping/Moxibustion teacher

Dr.Zhou Lili, National Certified Health Manager and Health Moxibustor, a classical Chinese medicine practitioner. Built her clinic in 2015, Dr. Zhou aims to disseminate external therapies of traditional Chinese medicine(TCM), practise life-oriented(TCM).She has great clinical experiences in treating patients through body and mind. Dr. Zhou learned from folk doctor Wang Tingfeng, famous Guasha teacher Li Xiang Shou, disciple of Wudang Longmen Taiji master, first-class teacher of KRI Kundalini Yoga,etc.

Dr. Lu Hou Cheng setup his clinic in 2015. He’s good at pulse diagnosis, energy acupuncture, and regulating various physical and mental diseases. Dr. Lu learned from Yi Jing master Zhang Guang Ling, body&soul master Li Xin, founder of scalp needle Dr. Zhu Ming Qi, classic acupuncturist Yi Dao,etc.

Dr.Lu Houcheng

Acupuncture teacher

Dr.Wang YongQiang


/Moxibustion teacher

Dr. Wang YongQiang was born in a Chinese medical family, influenced by Chinese medicine from his childhood. He is a licensed acupuncturist and Massage Technician of Traditional Chinese Medicine(TCM). Dr. Wang is good at six external treatments of TCM and has devoted in clinic external treatment for more than 20 years. He cured many comprehensive diseases and was named the clinical proficient of external treatment by the industry.


Dr. Wang is the former Director of Technical Training Department of Large National Center for TCM Prevention and Treatment

About TCM Based Food Therapy

Before the existence of the modern medicine, human beings depends solely on foods, herbal medicines, and other natural methods to treat diseases and preserve health. Traditional Chinese Medicine(TCM) established under such practices and formed a unique theory rooted in Chinese culture. Our ancestors found herbal medicine during searching foods. So some materials are both foods and medicines. Till today some herbal medicines often appear in everyday’s plates while some foods are often seen in doctor’s prescriptions.



TCM is called preventive medicine. The treatment philosophy of TCM is to prevent, treating before a disease happens. The priority of treatment is to use food. Medicine is used only after food is failed to cure.


Chinese food therapy, or Chinese dietary therapy, or Chinese nutrition diet, has a long history. It’s under the guidance of TCM(Traditional Chinese Medicine) theory, by making use of food properties, and taking appropriate cooking method to make into curative foods to regulate bodily function and get to health status or cure illnesses at early stage.

Some curative foods are made of pure foods, called food therapy(食疗).

Some curative foods are the combination of foods and medicinal herbs, called medicinal food(药膳).

However, foods and herbal medicine are from the same origin. Some materials are both foods and medicine such as ginger, coix seed, Chinese date, Chinese yam, etc.

By Following Chinese Food Therapy rules, we can avoid many diseases. In case we get an illness we can cure at an early stage by using foods. This is especially useful to keep children’s health. 

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