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Relieve Stress and Pain

Guasha Training Program



GuaSha is a natural therapy which is based on Traditional Chinese Medicine(TCM) theory. It’s one of the external treatments of TCM. GuaSha can improve local microcirculation, dredge meridians, activate blood circulation and remove blood stasis by scraping meridians and acupoints. The rudiment of GuaSha can be traced back to the Paleolithic Age.

Therapeutic effect of GuaSha:

  • Acting blood circulation to remove stasis

  • Regulating Yin Yang balance

  • Relaxing muscles and tendons to remove meridian obstruction

  • Removing toxin

  • Regulating qi and promoting blood circulation




You’ll know how to use gusha tools to treat popular illnesses at home for you and your families in natural way.


Who should attend


Those who are interested in TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) or want to achieve heath in holistic/natural ways. TCM background is not required.


What you’ll learn

TCM basics: Meridians and important acupoints

Concept and theory of Taiji Guasha

Techniques and skills of operation

How to treat cold and fever by using Guasha

How to treat cough and rhinitis by Guasha

How to treat hair loss and dizziness by GuaSha

How to treat toothache by GuaSha

How to treat finger joints pain and knee pain (gonarthrosis) by GuaSha


About Taiji Guasha

Taiji GuaSha references Taiji’s philosophy, simple, convenient, efficient,and comfortable comparing to other Guasha techniques.




About the class

Each lesson has three parts:


  • Theory study

  • Symptoms/illnesses analysis, acupoints selection and prescription

  •  Hands-on practice



Completion Certificate

Students will be granted completion certifications after completing all lessons successfully


Refund Policy

100% Refund – Cancellation or Withdrawal one week before the first class

RMB300 will be deducted – Withdrawal one day before the 2nd class. 

No refund from the 2nd class (include the day of 2nd class).



The class could be deferred or cancelled due to insufficient enrollment. A full refund will be given if canceled.

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