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Relieve Stress and Pain

Acupuncture Training Program

About Acupuncture


Acupuncture is an external therapeutic method in Traditional Chinese Medicine(TCM) with a history of several thousand years. Because of its significant curative effects Acupuncture&Moxibustion is not only used in China but also practiced in over 100 countries.


Who should attend

Those who are interested in TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) or want to achieve heath in holistic/natural ways. TCM background is not required.



Say good-bye to medicine, chronic&serious diseases. You’ll know how to keep health, prevent disease and treat popular symptoms and illnesses for you and your family through acupuncture


What you will learn

TCM Basics and  theory

  • 14 meridians and the functions of their popular used acupoints.

  • Special acupoints and their functions

  • Acupoints prescription methods

  • Three points to relieve pain

Basic techniques, methods, and taboos for acupuncture

Methods and skills on insertion, manipulations, and withdrawal of needles,etc.

How to treat but not limited the following health problems

Acupoints selection and prescription for but not limited the following symptoms and illnesses


  • Cold& Cough

  • Acne

  • Toothache

  • Stomachache

  • constipation

  • Tinnitus

  • Gallbladder pain

  • Hyperplasia of breast

  • Sleeplessness/insomnia

  • Low back pain

How is a class like

Three contents in each session: 

  1. TCM fundamentals Acupuncture related theory study

  2. Acupoints and treatments for popular symptoms and diseases such as headache, low back pain, cough,etc will be taught and practiced.

  3. Hands-on practice.

Completion Certificate


A Certificate will be issued after completing learning and passing the exam.


Regular price: RMB3000

5 sessions theory study and practice

Refund Policy

100% Refund – Cancellation or Withdrawal one week before the first class

RMB200 will be deducted – Withdrawal one day before the 2nd class. 

No refund from the 2nd class (include the day of 2nd class).




Workday class-9:30am-12:30pm, Thursday


Evening class: 7-9:30pm






The class could be deferred or cancelled due to insufficient enrollment. A full refund will be given if cancelled.


About the teachers


Dr. Wang Yong Qiang

Dr. Wang Yong Qiang was born in a Chinese medical family, influenced by Chinese medicine from his childhood. He is a licensed acupuncturist and Massage Technician of Traditional Chinese Medicine(TCM). Dr. Wang is good at six external treatments of TCM and has devoted in clinic external treatment for more than 20 years. He cured many comprehensive diseases and was named the clinical proficient of external treatment by the industry.


Dr. Wang is the former Director of Technical Training Department of Large National Center for TCM Prevention and Treatment

Dr. Lu Hou Cheng

Dr. Lu Hou Cheng setup his clinic in 2015. He’s good at pulse diagnosis, energy acupuncture, and regulating various physical and mental diseases. Dr. Lu learned from Yi Jing master Zhang Guang Ling, body&soul master Li Xin, founder of scalp needle Dr. Zhu Ming Qi, classic acupuncturist Yi Dao,etc.