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Moxibustion Training Class


Moxibustion is folk Chinese doctors and TCM fans’ favorite treatment method due to its efficiency, easiness, low cost and no side-effect.


As one of the external treatment methods of Traditional Chinese Medicine(TCM), moxibustion is to burn moxa and the moxa heat stimulates the acupoints or special region of the body, so as to stimulate the activities of meridian to make qi and blood flow smoothly and achieve the purpose of disease prevention and treatment.

The mechanism of moxibustion is similar to that of acupuncture, and has complementary therapeutic effects with acupuncture. The Chinese name of acupuncture is actually composed of two words: acupuncture(needle,zhen针) and moxibustion (Jiu灸). They’re always used together in clinic practice in China. Moxibustion has the advantages of simple operation, low cost and remarkable effect. 

The key importance of moxibustion is at its material of moxa which is made of aged dried leaves of Artemisia argyi (Ai, 艾), at least 3 years. Artemisia argyi leaves are bitter, slightly warm, and active on liver, spleen and kidney meridians. It is a rare herb in TCM that can connect 12 meridians. Moreover, it has the characteristics of low ignition point, high heat release (more heat than other materials such as tobacco, paper, incense, etc.), long burning time (no open fire, mainly slow burning and heating). Therefore, it was finally selected as the best herb for moxibustion.  

Moxibustion can reach many parts of the body where the acupuncture and medicine can't reach, which shows its magical function. So there is a saying that moxibustion must be applied when acupuncture and medicine cannot cure.

Modern research shows that it contains volatile components in the smoke of the moxa which can inhibit or kill bacteria, fungi, and viruses. So moxa is often used to disinfect room air. During serious Vovid19 period. many TCM hospitals used this way to do disinfection. You also can do it at home, especially when alcohol is in shortage




Artemisia argyi warms the meridians and disperse coldness; smooth qi and regulate meridian; promote yang, consolidating, prevent deficiency; relieve heat, detox, remove stasis and nodule,prevent disease, and prolong life

The indications of moxibustion are as extensive as acupuncture and medicine. Moxibustion has its own advantage. The function of moxibustion is comprehensive which combines functions of warming, medicine,ray radiation, acupoints and meridians. Moxibustion is good at treating cold and/or deficient syndrome, not suitable for excess or/and the heat produced by yin deficiency. However,many experienced enthusiasts use moxibustion to treat almost all diseases even including heat excess syndromes.

For health care, long term adherence to moxibustion can balance the yin yang in internal organs and strengthen the healthy qi. You’ll become energetic, not afraid to compete with younger people.


Below is a customer’s journey for MOXIBUSTION


Moxibustion for one week


This is the beginning of persistence.

At the beginning of moxibustion, You may feel angry, lethargy, hyeractive or insomnia. This is a transitional period, and healthy qi is gradually injected into your body.


Moxibustion for one month


You’ll feel that your complexion is better,more ruddy, and you’ll feel more energetic.

Your viscera function will become stronger, your meridians will become more unobstructed, and your mental state will be better.


Moxibustion for one year


Others will see health and vitality that ordinary people don't have in you.

You will find that you have rarely been to the hospital this year, and the illness you wanted to use moxibustion to treat at the beginning is almost healed. Moxibustion greatly improves your disease resistance. At the same time, you can't live without moxibustion anymore. Because it makes you better and better.


Moxibustion for five years


The magic effect of moxibustion began to appear.

The health of your peers began to decline, but your are still healthy with ruddy complexion and even began to "reverse growth". Long-term adherence to moxibustion health care will not only create a healthy body, but also make you more peaceful, maintaining a calm mind, and experiencing the happiness of life.


Moxibustion for ten years


You will be 5 to 10 years younger than your peers.


What you'll learn in our class

Some people applied moxibustion in daily life without attending any training in advance, leading to many problems. To avoid mistakes(some may lead to serious problems) we opened this moxibusiton training class 2 years ago and is welcomed. The following is the content                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               

  1. TCM fundamentals- Meridians& acupoints

  2. Moxibustion operations

  3. Cautious&Management of Possible Accidents

  4. Prescription methods of Energy Balanced Moxibustion

  5. Diseases but Not limited the followings:

  • Respiratory system- cold, cough, chronic rhinitis;

  • Skin problem

  • Gastrointestinal- Gastritis, gastric ulcer, indigestion,constipation/diarrhea;

  • Pain problem- neck pain, shoulder pain, low back pain, knee’s pain

  •  Women’s health-hyperplasia of mammary gland

  6. How to improve healthy qi(immunity) to against covid19


Completion Certificate

A Certificate will be issued after completing learning and passing the exam.


Early bird price: USD314

Regular price: USD628

6 sessions theory study and practice

Time&dates: 7-9am, Friday, Eastern time



Refund Policy

100% Refund – Cancellation or Withdrawal one week before the first class

USD30 will be deducted – Withdrawal one day before the 2nd class. 

No refund from the 2nd class (include the day of 2nd class).



The class could be deferred or canceled due to insufficient enrollment. A full refund will be given if canceled.

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