Moxibustion Training


Moxibustion is to burn moxa made of dried mugwort on particular acupoints or special region on the body, to stimulate meridian to make qi and blood flow smoothly. 
Material- mugwort 原料-艾草



Warm the meridians and disperse coldness; smooth qi and regulate meridian
promote yang, consolidating, prevent deficiency
Relieve heat, detox, remove stasis and nodule
Prevent disease, prolong life


What you'll learn

1.Basic theory and operation:


2.Diseases but Not limited the followings:


  • Respiratory system- cold, cough, chronic rhinitis;skin problem

  • Gastrointestine- Gastritis, gastric ulcer, indigestion,constipation/diarrhea;

  • Pain problem- neck pain, shoulder pain, low back pain

  • Women’s health


Completion Certificate


A Certificate will be issued after completing learning and passing the exam.


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