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Testimony from our clients

Traditional Chinese Medicine(TCM) is a natural-law based medical system as well as a preventive medical. It’s not only for treating disease but more about natural ways of health living that you can apply in daily life.

It's a trend that more and more people learned or plan to learn TCM. So far our training programs benefit people world wide. The participants are from the USA, Germany, Australia, France, Sweden, Spain,Malaysia, India, South Korea, Russia, Egypt, Iran, Vietnam, etc. Below are voices from them.


Thank you so much for bringing us together and all the enriching content you taught us. Will help us a life long... Never forget TCM and Shanghai...

                                                 --- Anne-Sophie, Germany


Now officially certifie in level 1 & 2 of Traditional Chinese Medicine Food Therapy.

I have gained so much valuable knoledge in Chinese medicine principles and plants & foods for health. Anna was very helpful in deconstructing complex theories and turning them into practical learning in a fun and friendly environment. I have met wonderful generous and likeminded classmates who have also taught me a lot. Such a nice experience!

                         --- Lea, France

​I have a big interest about TCM and being in China is the right place to do it!!

I learn about my body type and what kind of food is good for me. I also learn how to cook those chinese vegetables and discover great new taste.

With Anna classes, I learned the basic of TCM, to use some herbs and food to recover from usual disease and keep balance lifestyle.

Anna also make me discover acupuncture, guasha,moxhibution and cupping.

I learned a lot during the past year and still have a lot to learn! :)

I will say that you will also learn a lot about China and the culture.

Just do it! :D

--Virginie Le Carval/Gonnord et Stéphane Gonnord, France




Estefania is vegetarianism and a big fan of yoga. She’s very beautiful and smart. It seems she is never polluted by this complicated world. Her nature beautiful made me feel the world is so beautiful!


It is been a pleasure to assist(attended) Anna’s food therapy classes. I have to thank her to share with us all her knowledge about both food and herb, regarding Chinese tradition. Food therapy is a really easy and powerful tool that all of us can use to improve our lives, in many different

ways. It is not only to prevent any possible sickness, but also regarding to treat them. I am a truly believer that we are what we eat, and being in China, sometimes, due to the different from western culture, plus t he language barrier, it is not easy to get all the information that Anna kindly shared with us.


Examples that I can mention that have been improved my life in China, it goes through relieve stress, insomnia and stomach problems, all of them by adjusting my diet based on my body type and included some Chinese herbs. I have to also mention that with Anna I learnt how to cook

many of the vegetables that are new for me, in a really taste way!

Since my experience it is been positive in many ways, I really recommend the food therapy as a main base to keep our body balance and healthy, and I hope most of you have the chance to join Anna’s classes and learn from her as much as I did. Thanks Anna!    -- Estefania,Spain


Gerd is a very elegant and kind lady. She has two very proud men in her life, that is her husband and her son. She is gluten intolerant.


I met Anna and saw her dedication to TCM Food Therapy. I took her classes and got impressed about her knowledge in this subject. The TCM Food Therapy classes has made me think in a different way about the possibility to treat symptoms of illness, or even more important, to prevent illnesses. I can now use my newfound knowledge to help my body to heal with specific herbs and foods instead of medicine. '                          -- Gerd Rynvall , Sweden                         



TCM is not a simple medicine. It’s important part of Chinese culture as well as Chinese philosophy and Eastern ideology. TCM is an important way of Chinese people recognizing this world and thinking about this world. It deserves us to learn.

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