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TCM Food Therapy Training

guide you to say goodbye to medicine,chronic&serious diseases

Dr.Anna Na

TCM nutrition and FoodTherapy Teacher
Acupuncture Teacher

Dr.Anna Na is a licensed Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) doctor, both with  Chinese herbal medicine physician and acupuncturist. Studying at GuangZhou University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, she once learned Daoist Medicine (道医) in Wudangshan (武当山), the holy land for Daoist. She is also registered TCM Food Therapist. Now working as a TCM doctor in Shanghai Dafangmai TCM Clinic.

Dr. Anna is good at using Wu Yun Liu Qi to find the root cause of disease, focusing on diseases such as sleeplessness/depression, rhinitis, spleen and stomach, shoudler pain and low back pain, gynecology and skin.

Dr. Anna believes that traditional Chinese medicine is suitable for everyone. Professional doctors use it to treat diseases, non professionals use it to keep health and prevent diseases, and even use dietary therapy and non-medical technology to get rid of some illnesses. Therefore, she often gives lectures on health preservation of traditional Chinese medicine in communities and enterprises to teach people how to find their own body type and weak viscera, so as to prevent and treat diseases. She setup studio to provide series of TCM training programs including TCM Nutrition and Food Therapy Training, Acupuncture Training, GuaSha and Moxibustion Training, etc. All these programs benefit students all around the world, including Germany, France, USA, Malaysia, Egypt, Brazil, Sweden, etc.


Dr.Song Tao

Dr. Song studied TCM acupuncture in Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine (SUTCM). Now he is one of the specialists selected by SUTCM.

Dr. Song is also one of the best experts who understand and explain Huang Di Nei Jing* clearly. In fact I think he is the best in China. That’s one of the reason that SUTCM selected him as an expert in this area. So you don't need to worry about the difficult TCM theory when learning from him.


*Hung Di Nei Jing-Yellow Emperor’s Inner Canon), is the earliest and most important written work of Traditional Chinese Medicine. It’s the base of all TCM theory.

Acupuncture Teacher


Dr.Zhou Lili, National Certified Health Manager and Health Moxibustor, a classical Chinese medicine practitioner. Built her clinic in 2015, Dr. Zhou aims to disseminate external therapies of traditional Chinese medicine(TCM), practise life-oriented(TCM).She has great clinical experiences in treating patients through body and mind. Dr. Zhou learned from folk doctor Wang Tingfeng, famous Guasha teacher Li Xiang Shou, disciple of Wudang Longmen Taiji master, first-class teacher of KRI Kundalini Yoga,etc.

Dr.Zhou Lili

Guasha/cupping/Moxibustion teacher


Dr. Wang YongQiang was born in a Chinese medical family, influenced by Chinese medicine from his childhood. He is a licensed acupuncturist and Massage Technician of Traditional Chinese Medicine(TCM). Dr. Wang is good at six external treatments of TCM and has devoted in clinic external treatment for more than 20 years. He cured many comprehensive diseases and was named the clinical proficient of external treatment by the industry.


Dr. Wang is the former Director of Technical Training Department of Large National Center for TCM Prevention and Treatment

Dr.Wang YongQiang


/Moxibustion teacher

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