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Skin(-) Do Wind-Cold Cause Skin Problem(Urticaria)?

New Mom Got Skin Itch After Having a Baby

Tao is my friend for many years. I haven’t seen her since she had a baby. One day Tao asked me by WeChat. “You are a Chinese doctor now. Could you treat my skin problem?” I said yes and asked her to describe her symptoms and send me the pictures of her tongue. Below is her symptoms.

Since she had the baby 5 years ago, Tao always felt itch especially in cold environment. Rashes grow on the body when scratched. Light red tongue and white tongue coating.

I asked her if she was attacked by wind-cold during puerperium. She remembered that she felt very cold during the first week in hospital due to the aircon. Her heels also pain in cold weather days.

Now it’s obviously clear that she was attacked by wind-cold in hospital during puerperium. The skin pores are blocked by wind-cold, which cause itch. (Our skin cannot breathe when blocked, so we feel itch). The body of new mom is weak and so is easier to be attacked by pathogenic factors.

Another case is the one that I always mentioned in the class. A young man sold watermelon for the whole summer. As it was so hot he sweat a lot in the day time. Every evening he jumped into a swimming pool to swim. He felt very comfortable. But after summer he felt very very itch and no sweat any more. At last he went to see a doctor. The doctor said that his skin pores were blocked by coldness.

Both of these two cases have the same pathogenesis. The skin was attacked by wind-cold or coldness. It’s called YinZhen,瘾疹 by TCM, and urticaria by western medicine. A TCM formula, MaHuangTang,麻黄汤is usually used to treat it. Of course the basic formula is MaHuangTang. Differentiation is needed to each individual.

I wrote a prescription to Tao.

麻黄MaHuan, 桂枝GuiZhi,白芍BaiShao,甘草GanCao,杏仁XinRen.

A month later she said that she didn’t feel itch after taking 5 doses of medicine

If treating by acupuncture the acupoint prescription is: Quchi(LI11), Hegu(LI4), XueHai(SP10),GeShu(BL17), Weizhong(BL40),Waiguan(SJ5),FengChi(GB20)

Both of the above cases are caused by wrong lifestyle. We should avoid wind and cold when we sweat or become weak.

Other causes of skin problem include dampness, heat, deficiency of the liver and the kidney, and toxin from bugs or medicine. I’ll continue to share the cases later.

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