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​Healthy Life Style in Spring

Spring2021 already arrived


The four seasons always come before we can feel them. It’s still cold outside now. But according to Chinese Lunar Calendar the Spring 2021 arrived today(February 3). The whole year is divided into 24 solar terms. Two weeks is a term. Originally 24-solar-term is used in agriculture guiding farmers to cultivation. Now it's effective to guide us to live a healthy lifestyle. The first term of 2021 is from February 3 to 18.





1st section-The spring wind dissolved the iced river.

2ndsection- The insects begin to move.

3rdsection- The fish(under water) swims up to the iced surface.


Healthy lifestyle in Spring


In Spring everything is generating including virus and germs. We should not only prevent the occurrence of new diseases but also prepare to against the recurrence of old health problems.   



Keep relax and happy mood.

Spring is related to the liver. Drink chrysanthemum flower tea or press the acupoint TaiChong if you tend to get angry. Or massage


Healthy lifestyle

Get up earlier and go to sleep earlier. Take trips to the suburb with your friends

Do more outdoor activities

Don’t change to thin clothes too early. Keep warm.


Spring is associate with the liver


The liver is like a tree. It needs spaces to grow. Staying at home alone may lead to depression.


Healthy Eating


(best food for high blood pressure in spring-Celery and Peanut with Mulberry&Goji berry Salad.


At early spring time- eat more pungent foods such as ginger, garlic, and onion to prevent cold and detox.

In mid-late spring- eat baby green vegetables to purge heat and eliminate germs.

Eat more foods with generating energy such as all kinds of sprouts,Chinese leeks.



Making Bean Sprout at Home

Day1: Soak in warm-hot water

Day2-Beans begin to break




Wash 2 times each day. Keep moisture but don’t let water cover the beans when they begin to break.


It's a custom to eat Spring roll /Spring Pancake Today( the beginning of spring

Shanghai Style Spring Roll


Beijing Style Spring Pancake

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