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Formulas for Preventing Covid-19 and Cold This Winter

Updated: Dec 15, 2021

1. Four principles to prevent Covid-19 and cold

It’s winter again, also the peak season of cold and flu. The Covid19 cases are rising again. If previous weeks’ decline made us relax we should pay attention again now. We can reduce the risk of cold and Covid19 if we follow these 4 principles:

A.Avoid gathering

B.Wear mask if going out.

C.Keep warm, including eat&drink warm and put on more clothes to keep body warm.

D.Sufficient sleep and rest.

You may not realize that one of the reasons that China can control the spread of Covid-19 is that Traditional Chinese Medicine(TCM) is effectively used. Whenever there is a wave of Covid-19 cases the government of related cities would distribute Chinese medicine bags to their citizens in communities and public area. For severe cases, experts would work out solutions and formulas. Here I'll share some experienced prevention formulas and other TCM ways (popular home used in China) to fight against virus.

2.preventive prescription suggestions

1).General population

Main ingredients: LuGen芦根30g , honeysuckle金银花10g , lotus leaf荷叶10g,NiuBangZi牛蒡子10g, mint薄荷10g*, 10 g fried BaiZhu炒白术, HuoXiang藿香10g*

*mint and HuoXiang: decoct later(后下)

Decocting method: after soaking in cold water for 30 minutes, boil the medicine and decoct for 5 minutes. Continue to cook over low heat for another 5 minutes, add mint and HuoXiang, continue to cook additional 5mins over medium heat. Or cook till the soup left about 450ml. Serve 150ml each time, three times a day, one dose a day.

2). Weak people

Main ingredients: HuangQi黄芪15g, Fangfeng防风10g, honeysuckle金银花 10g, lotus leaf 荷叶10g, mint薄荷 10g*, Huoxiang 藿香10g *, fried BaiZhu白术 10g

*mint and HuoXiang: decoct later(后下)

Decocting &Serving method: Same with the above 1)

3).Child prevention

Main ingredients: Honeysuckle金银花 5g, chrysanthemum 菊花5g, mint 薄荷5g, reed root 芦根10g, HuoXiang藿香5g , fried BaiZhu炒白术 5g

*mint and HuoXiang: decoct later(后下)

*Decocting&Serving method: Same as the above. But reduce the soup to 50-100ml per day.

4).This formula is for those who feel dry in throat.

Huangqi黄芪15g FangFeng防风9g ChaoBaiZhu麸炒白术15g LianQiao连翘10g

GuanZhong贯众6g  LuGen芦根9g ShaShen沙参15g   Ginger生姜6g

For those who have chronic diseases,please download this file:

Download PDF • 304KB

(note: all these formulas and recipes are for Cold and Covid-19 prevention. If your symptoms haven't been improved within 1-2 days you'd better go to see a doctor in time).

3.Home protection suggestions

1).Cleaning air

a. Fumigation prescription: Aiye艾叶10g, ShiChangPu石菖蒲10g, LianQiao连翘10g, honeysuckle金银花 15g, mint 薄荷15g

Usage: add 1000ml of water, soak for 10 minutes, cook slowly over low heat for 30 minutes, or till left 150ml of liquid medicine. Add the liquid into the cleaned household air humidifier, conduct electric fumigation or continuously cook and volatilize in the pot, 1-2 times a day.

b. Sachet prescription: Huoxiang藿香10g, mint薄荷 10g, Shannai 山奈10g, CangZhu苍术 10g

Usage: grind into powder, put it in a cloth bag, hang it indoors, or wear it with you. It has the effect of aroma, pollution and detoxification, so as to prevent epidemics. It is not recommended for pregnant women and those with allergic diseases (such as asthma, rhinitis, etc.).

2).Reasonable diet

The foods should be well cooked and pay attention to the balance of cold and heat, yin and yang. Eat some foods with medicinal function such as radish, asparagus, yam, dandelion,Huoxiang藿香 , chrysanthemum, lotus leaf, etc.

3). Appropriate movement

Choose the appropriate exercise methods according to your personal conditions. Learn to use traditional health care and body strengthening methods, such as Taijiquan, Wuqinxi, Baduanjin, etc.

4).Regulate emotions

Keep peace in mind, don't panic, relax , don't be impatient, don't worry.

5).Acupoint health care

Regular moxibustion and massage on important health care points such as Zusanli(ST36), Qihai(RN6) and Guanyuan(RN4) can enhance the healthy qi, so as to achieve the purpose of preventing diseases.

6).Daily routine

Work and rest regularly to ensure full sleep. Adapt to climate change, timely adjust clothing, quilt and indoor temperature, and pay attention to cold prevention and warmth preservation. If sweating, take a hot bath and change clothes in time. Try to avoid places where people gather.

4. Becareful of the Sequelae.

It's dangerous to take Covid-19 just as a normal Cold. The death rate decreased, and people around us are infected but recovered soon. So some people think that Covid-19 is no longer a terrible pandemic, but just a Cold. The researches show that "A variety of organ systems are affected by COVID-19 in the intermediate and longer-term after recovery. Main sequelae include post-infectious fatigue, persistent reduced lung function and carditis. Careful follow-up post COVID 19 is indicated to assess and mitigate possible organ damage and preserve life quality"--- from an article cited by

Achieve health by natural ways

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